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Rubio's Fish Tacos

I can't remember what website I got this from, but it is not my own...

The key is in the white sauce... It's made with 5 parts mayonaisse and 1 part plain yogurt and 1
part water. This sauce should be thick and not too runny. The salsa is made from burnt red chile or "chile de
arbol" Heat up some oil in a skillet...just enough oil to cover the bottom. Then add chiles and
stir them under medium heat until they turn reddish brown or even black. Add to tomato sauce
and add a touch of water. The amount of chile really depends on how spicy you want it. BE
CAREFUL not to inhale the fumes from the chile while cooking them...it'll knock ya out. Now
the fish...use a mild white style fish such as Cod, Pollock or even some types of shark. Cut into
taco size fillets and cover fillets in flour. Then dip them into the fish batter, which should
consist of all of the following ingredients...I am not at liberty to tell you exactly how much of
each..but experiment.

Water..Beer...Garlic Salt...Ground Mustard Seed...Paprika...Clove...and Cumin. The fish is best
cooked in a deep fryer at 350 degrees. Or you can fry it in a pan, but the results can vary. Serve
with shredded cabbage and a squeeze of lime. The tortilla is of the soft corn type...The thicker
the better.

The fish burritos are the same except add the following two ingredients. Guac and beans on a
flour tortilla of course. Guac is fresh avo's milk...garlic salt..and lemon juice.

Beans are pintos boiled in water...drain water after cooked to just above the suface of the
beans...add salt, garlic powder and pepper then mash them until fluid. No oil or lard added.

These are close to the official Rubio's recipes..as I said I am not at liberty to give them to you
exactly...but these will do.

Submitted by: Mario_Improvisario on July 24, 2010, 12:03 am

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