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Bart's Spicy Turkey Kielbasa Soup

- A loop of turkey kielbasa, chopped up
- 1 bottle of picante Clamato
- 1 14oz can of tomato sauce
- 1 can chicken stock
- 2 giant potatoes chopped
- 1 giant red pepper chopped
- 1 giant green pepper chopped
- 1 container of carrot and celery sticks chopped (they sell these at my grocer in a plastic cup with water. Yeah, I'm that lazy)
- 1 heaping tablespoon thyme, not fresh
- 1 heaping tablespoon dried parsley flaked
- 1 heaping tablespoon onion powder
- 1 heaping tablespoon black pepper
- 2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
- 1 big ole generous squirt off the rooster bottle

Put that all in the crock pot and stir. Cover and have a salad, call it a night, have kick ass lunches for work all week.

I hope so, at least. I kinda totally winged this loosely off a Manhattan Clam Chowder recipe I've made in the past. (subsitute chopped up clams for kielbasa and you've got clam chowder)

Submitted by: unabart on April 22, 2010, 8:49 pm

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