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Killer Pickled Eggs N Garlic

Pickling Juice:

2/3 cup of apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup water
1 TBS pickling salt
1 TBS dill weed
1 TBS Durkee pickling spice
1 TSP S&B oriental hot mustard (powdered)

makes a bit more than 1 cup.

The rest of the concoction:

boil eggs; 1 layer no more in the pot at a time. cover with 1 inch water. bring to a boil, turn off heat let sit for:
medium size eggs: 12 mins
large size eggs: 13 mins
xl size eggs: 14 mins
jumbo size eggs: 15 mins
when time is up, pour out hot, pour in cold. May crack eggs, but thats ok.

Crack on flat surface so you don't push egg shell into egg

~1 gallon jar for 12 eggs + garlic

Put in eggs and garlic; 1 layer eggs, cover with garlic, +1 layer eggs, cover with garlic...

fill jar with water, pour out water and measure how much comes out.

prepare that much juice

fill jar with juice

dill weed will want to rise to top, so when jar is full, set on its side and roll it around till well mixed.
When the jar sits, the dill will rise again, however, at least this time it's wet and will therefore distribute its nummyness.

hide away the jar for a long time.
1 month is sufficient, the longer the better.

When you open the jar, be sure to share the goodies with Rob.

Submitted by: robstoddard on July 21, 2010, 3:05 pm

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